Ice Cream Factory
Theme Park and Museum

Celebrating 70 years of distinguished history, Kri Kri pioneers by creating the “Ice Cream Factory” for the first time in Greece,
a unique and modern Theme Park for educational and recreational purposes!
It occupies a specially designed 2,000 m² space, part of a clearly contemporary industrial area, which is transformed into a welcoming experiential park and museum that can be visited by the public;
its doors are open to families, young people and schools.
Get to know Ice Cream and its history in a unique and delicious way, through an incredible guided tour experience!


General Admission: 7€
3 members 20€
4 members 21€
5 members 25€
People with Disabilities: Free
Happy Hour: 5€ Tuesday – Friday Tours: 13:40 & 14:00

Icon of ticket and ice cream

Opening Hours

Sunday – Monday: closed
Tuesday – Saturday: 10:00 – 15:00
Last admission 1 hour & 15′ before closing.
Tour Duration: 1 hour.

Icon of ice cream and clock displaying working hours of the museum

The Guided Tour

Six different rooms are waiting for you to explore them and discover the secrets of ice cream in an experiential way, always with the help of Gellino.

icon of old store and ice cream sellers

Travel back in time!

…back to 1954 and the old square of the town of Serres. That’s where it all began. Pictures, sounds, aromas, flavours and memories from the past. It began somewhere around there, in the centre of the square and the first small, traditional Kri Kri dairy shop…


… Kerkini, the lake that is a symbol of the nature and purity of Kri Kri’s raw materials, which will be your host for a whole 24 hours, with its secrets unfolding impressively before your eyes…

icon of water buffalo, water lily and kerkini lake
icon of an ice cream and the KRIKRI celebration logo


…through the 70 years of Kri Kri’s distinguished history that pops up in front of you through the timeline offered by this different Museum…


…the secrets of ice cream. What is the production process for your favourite ice cream? How many and which stages does it go through?

icon of gears and krikri cone ice cream
icon of an ice cream and playing balls

Experience the magic!

…at Happy Ice Cream. Time to party, take photos and play games for young and old! We have prepared a delicious space, ready to offer you exciting moments and surprises…

Enjoy with your whole heart!

…the Ice Cream Workshop. The big moment has come. How well did you learn the secrets of ice cream? Are you ready to unleash your imagination and lovingly create the ice cream of your dreams? Enjoy!

icon of an ice cream chef hat


floating pistachio ice cream

It is a truly unique theme park and museum that combines education and entertainment in perfect balance, in order to share “knowledge” in the most impressive way possible.
The main concept of this new park is to make the tour a unique experience.

The park tour is conducted in groups and each subsequent group begins the tour approximately every 20 minutes. The total duration of the tour is approximately 1 hour.
Visitors that have not booked in advance (families, individual groups, etc.) create a separate group for their participation in the tour.

As it has a strong educational and recreational profile, the “Ice Cream Factory” is an excellent choice for a school visit. Of course, families with children as well as individual visitors (adults) who want to feel like children again are also welcome to visit.
The “Ice Cream Factory” welcomes individual visitors (families, groups and children), school classes (from preschool to ninth grade) as well as clubs that are interested in the unique experience of a guided tour of this fascinating theme park. For special groups (university or high school students), the guided tour is adapted.

It is hosted next to the facilities of the Kri Kri production plant, on the 3rd km of the National Road of Serres-Drama.

There is free parking for buses and visitors in the surrounding area.

No, as the park operates in an indoor, covered, functional and safe space.

In a specially designed area at the exit of the park, the public can visit an impressive café and shop, selling souvenirs and unique products. At the café, guests can enjoy their coffee and a wide variety of chocolates, pastries, or a light meal in a pleasant and calm environment.

Welcome…There are excellent options for excursions and visits in the wider area. For information click here.